What are the future plans for Ampwifi? Many. There are a great number of features I would like to add to Ampwifi. The AjaxAMP Remote Control Plugin that makes it possible for Ampwifi to control Winamp has some more features that Ampwifi currently doesn't make use of. However the AjaxAMP plugin also has it's limitations and unless the author of AjaxAMP is willing to make improvements then Ampwifi itself is limited.

There are however other options available to me, I can make Ampwifi connect to different Winamp plugins that do the same thing, or make Ampwifi connect to entirely different media players like MediaMonkey for instance. Or, I could write a dedicated plugin for Ampwifi. But that's all further in the future I'm afraid. As for the near future, there are some more basic features that I'd like work on.

Here's a list of features that I plan to add, in no particular order:

    1. Widget support. This will allow for smoother use of the app in general. Having to load the entire app just to pause or skip a song can be tedious at times, doing that from your home screen would be far more pleasent. This does present some issues such as handling connection problems, but I'm sure there's a way to do all that.

    2. Screen always on. Optionally, force the screen on while Ampwifi is running.

    3. Album art. This may require changes to the AjaxAMP plugin, or, it may be possible using the download feature. Alternatively, it may download album art from a web site but most web sites don't allow that sort of thing (Amazon has banned mobile devices from using their services).

    4. Language translations. Yes, I would like to translate some of the basic dialogs and text to other languages. Some languages I intend to cover are: German, Greek, French and Spanish. Anyone willing to help can contact me here:

Now, all I need is the time to do it!