Testing AjaxAMP

The quickest way to test if Winamp® and AjaxAMP work correctly is to use a web browser on your Windows PC. This is optional and you may skip this step entirely` but may prove useful if you're having connection issues. Before testing you will need the following:

    • The name or IP address of the computer running Winamp® and AjaxAMP.

    • The port number the AjaxAMP server is listening to.

The port number can be easily determined from the AjaxAMP Configuration dialog (described in the Configure AjaxAMP section).

For instructions on how to determine your computer's name, click here: Determining your machine's name.

The computer name is easier to determine and easier to remember than your IP address, however in some cases you may require your IP address. Thus, you may want to determine the LAN IP address as well. For instructions on how to find your LAN IP Address, click here: Determining your LAN IP Address. Note that Ampwifi can scan the network to determine this on it's own, but there may be cases where that doesn't work.

Now, to ensure that you've set everything up correctly you may want to try out AjaxAMP in a web browser using any Windows computer hooked up to your network. You can even use the computer that Winamp® is running on. Open up your favorite web browser and enter the computer's IP address and port number in the address bar - make sure it's not the search bar. The format is: IPADDRESS:PORTNUMBER and it should look something like this: Once you enter your IP address and port number in the address bar, hit return and you should see something like this: