Privacy policy

Ampwifi does not collect or transmit any personal data. Ampwifi does store data on your device but does NOT make that data available to other apps on the device. The stored data includes only values related to the server profile used to connect to Winamp/AjaxAMP servers. For each server profile this includes the machine IP address, port number, username and password. This data is used strictly to connect to the Winamp/AjaxAMP server and is never sent or transmitted elsewhere for any other purpose.

Ampwifi uses Flurry Analytics to track app usage and error reports. Flurry Analytics provides an End-User Opt-Out here in case you do not wish to be tracked at all. Note that opting out is not tied to this app, but to your device and affects all apps.

I decided to use Flurry Analytics because it allows me to gauge how useful this app is. If people don't use it I won't bother updating it. If people use it, I'll have extra incentive to keep working at it. It also provides me with some useful information when the app crashes which helps me fix the bugs quickly.

Currently Ampwifi requires Network permissions for obvious reasons. This means Ampwifi and the Flurry Analytics code that runs within it does not have access to any end-user specific data, including contacts, messages, emails or any personal data stored on the device.

Ampwifi does require permissions for reading the phone state, but that is strictly for the Pause On Call feature. It does not track anything about the calls themselves, so no personal data is exposed that way.