Determining your LAN IP Address

To use Ampwifi or the AjaxAMP web interface you may need to know the IP address of your Windows machine running Winamp®. Here's how:

    1. Open a command window. This can be done by pressing the Windows Logo+R button to bring up the Run dialog.

    2. In the Run dialog, type in cmd.exe and hit return.

    3. Once the command window opens type the following: ipconfig and hit return. This will list all your network interface adapters along with some info about each one.

    4. Find your LAN address (aka Private address). This can be tricky as you may have multiple network interfaces listed. You can safely ignore anything that says Tunnel or VirtualBOX or VMware. Look for the one that says Ethernet adapter Local Area Network. If you have multiple network adapters (for example, a wired adapter and a wireless adapter) pick the one that you'll be using. Once you find this adapter, look for it's associated IP Address (or IPv4 Address). It'll probably look like 192.168.X.Y or 10.X.Y.Z where X, Y and Z are numbers between 0 and 255.

In the above screen shot, the IP address is:

Congratulations, you have just found your machine's IP address. You may want to write this down.