Starting Ampwifi

Welcome screen

When you run Ampwifi for the very first time a welcome screen is displayed. This will give you a brief introduction to the app but also help you connect to Winamp®.

In most cases Ampwifi can auto-detect Winamp® and create what's called a server profile for you while you're on the welcome screen. However, for this to work Winamp® must be up and running on a machine that is on the same network as your mobile device. This is because Ampwifi makes a direct network connection to Winamp®, without going to the cloud or using any other service. For Ampwifi to auto-detect Winamp your Winamp® computer and your mobile device should be connected to the same router (technically speaking; they must be on the same subnet). Ideally, Winamp® should be running on a machine that is on the same WiFi network, although this isn't necessary in most cases.

If Ampwifi doesn't auto-detect Winamp then you can manually enter the machine name or it's IP address.

Nexus connection portal

The Nexus activity is designed as a connection portal and is the usual starting point for the app. Ampwifi does not make any attempts to connect to Winamp® while on the Nexus activity, instead it allows you to view and change the Server Profile and your device's internet connection (Wi-Fi or Cellular Data Network).

The Nexus activity is typically shown when you first run Ampwifi, but you have the choice of skipping this screen if you feel it's not needed (via the Always show at startup setting). The Nexus activity is also shown when any kind of connection error occurs so that you can quickly assess the problem and correct it.

Server Profile

The currently active Server Profile is listed either up top (portrait mode) or on the left (landscape mode) and includes the Server Profile name, IP address and port number. To change Server Profile simply tap anywhere on the Server Profile box and you'll be taken to the Server Profile Settings activity where you can add, edit or select a new Server Profile.


Mobile data

No network

The device's current internet connection state is listed either on the bottom (portrait mode) or on the right (landscape mode). If you're connected via Wi-Fi it'll list the name of the wireless network (SSID) along with the IP address of your device and the link speed (in Mbps). If you're connected via Mobile Data it'll display the name of your service provider, the connection type (HSPDA, UMTS, etc) and your IP address. If there is no internet connection at all it will display No Network.

At the center of the Nexus activity you'll see the Launch button:

Tap if your device is connected to a network and everything looks good

If there is no network available, the Launch button is disabled