Release history

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March 1 2012

 Initial release to Android market.


March 3 2012

This update addresses a catastrophic bug affecting Android 1.6 devices only. If you are running Android 2.1+ you do not need to update as there are no new features.

The changes are:

  • Fixed crash when the Configuration Required dialog is displayed under Android 1.6.
  • Fixed bug where the back button was ignored in the server profile dialog under Android 1.6. 


March 8 2012

  • Added welcome screen for first time users. When first run, a more user friendly screen is presented explaining what needs to be done to setup and use Ampwifi.
  • In the Scan for Servers activity, pressing the back button is the same as pressing the Add button.
  • Replaced the dull grayish background of the media buttons with a nicer dark brown that better matches the overall color scheme.
  • Tweaked layouts so that the media buttons are less likely to be cropped on smaller displays. The Nexus One and HTC Dream should now properly display the media buttons in portrait mode.
  • Tweaked the help docs
  • Plus some other minor improvements
March 17 2012
  • Fixed a number of bugs that may have resulted in a crash.
  • Improved the help docs and added screen shots to illustrate things.
  • Added trouble shooting to the help docs.
  • Improved error explanations to better explain what's wrong. Some error messages now also include the host name from the active server profile to make it easier to spot typos.
  • Fixed a bug where the Refresh interval shown in the Settings activity wasn't updated properly.
  • Some minor cosmetic enhancements.
March 25 2012
  • Fixed bug where performing a search containing spaces between words would fail with a Bad hostname error.
  • The context menu popup (when you long press) on Playlist, Music library and Search result items now displays the name of the item at the top of the selection list.
April 18 2012
  • Added a new connection portal activity (nexus screen) to improve flow of app. The Nexus screen allows you to change server profiles and network connections before connecting to Winamp®. It's now also the go-to screen when an error occurs, allowing you to back out of the app without needing to connect to Winamp®. See Help for details.
  • Redesigned layout for Server Profile dialog.
  • Fixed bug where Music Library wouldn't back up all the way to root folder.
  • Plus some other bug fixes & improvements.
April 19 2012
  •  Made minor correction to Nexus screen layout affecting large displays (tablets).
May 12 2012
  • Added new Stream To Device feature. Ampwifi still doesn't play music directly, but can hand off a URL of a song on your Winamp machine to a music player app.
  • Fixed long standing issue with Drag & Drop feature in Playlist. It no longer goes all weird when you scroll an item off the screen.
  • Fixed a number of bugs, some of which would result in a crash.
  • Reorganized the Settings and added some useful links.
August 8 2012
  • Added signal strength meter to the Nexus screen. Now you can see if you're wifi/cellular connection is strong or poor before attempting to connect.
  • Fixed bug where multiple occurrences of the Nexus activity and the main activity would co-exist.
  • Made some minor enhancements and improved error handling.
June 16 2013
  • Holo theme for Android 3.0+.
  • ActionBar support for Android 3.0+.
  • New graphics for media buttons on Now Playing tab.
  • Added dual pane view for settings on large displays.
  • New landscape layout for the Now Playing tab.
  • No longer uses jcifs and commons-io libraries (reduces bloat).
  • Improved support for resolving NetBIOS names and Domain Names (should work with DynDNS).
  • Fixed major bug affecting HTC phones when scanning for Winamp.
  • Added “Empty Set” image to Playlist, Media Library and Search results when there are no songs to display. This indicates that the results came back from the server but were empty (example: no songs in playlist).
  • Fixed bug in Now Playing tab where “1” would be displayed when there was no album name, song title or artist name available. Now displays the Empty Set image.
  • Fixed bug where preference defaults weren't used until the user launched the settings activity.
  • Improved First Launch screen with more meaningful text and images.
  • Improved preference summary text.
  • Plus many more optimizations, bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.
July 4 2013
  •  Bug fixes
July 16 2013
  • Fixed bug where files with a "+" or "%" could not be added to the playlist.
  • Optimized network address resolution which should make the app feel a bit smoother.
August 12, 2013
  •  Fixed bug where edits made to the server profile would not take effect until the profile was reloaded. This usually meant that the user would need to exit and restart Ampwifi or make a different server profile active and then switch back to the edited one.
  • Added xxhdpi icon for xhdpi tablets (xhdpi tablets tend to use the app icon resource from the next highest dpi bucket for some odd reason).
  • Improved some error handling and logging
December 26, 2013
  • For Android 3.0+ devices, the search query is now entered in a SearchView in the Action Bar on the top of the screen.
  • Optimized for Kitkat (Android 4.4)
  • Plus some bug fixes
February 25, 2014
  • Added Download to device feature (Android 2.2+)
  • Added stop music playback on incoming call feature
  • Added stop button on the Now Playing tab
May 6, 2014
  • Fixed bug where it could crash when switching to playlist or library tab on Android 4.4 devices.
December 21, 2014
  • Fixed issue where it was impossible to use the search feature with a real keyboard.
  • Added the Match Whole Words feature to search.