2. Install Winamp®

If you don't already have the Winamp® media player software installed on your Microsoft Windows personal computer, then do so now from www.winamp.com. Feel free to use either the free Winamp® Standard edition or the Winamp® Pro edition, both work fine with the AjaxAMP plugin and the Ampwifi Android app. If you need instructions, the www.winamp.com web site has a Help section.

Be sure to download the version for Windows. If you browse to www.winamp.com using your Android phone or tablet you may be prompted to download Winamp® for Android. Although Winamp® for Android is a great app and worth checking out (I use it to play music on my Android phone), this is not the same thing and will not work with AjaxAMP or Ampwifi.

Now you are ready to install the AjaxAMP Remote Control plugin.